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    Jerry Koch San Antonio Math Tutor

    I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Case Institute of Technology. I also have a Master of Science degree in Mathematics from Ohio State University, and was actively involved in doctoral research in Mathematics at Ohio State University for four years.

    I am a Professor of Mathematics at Northwest Vista College and I have been teaching a wide variety of math classes at the college level since 1991. I have consistently gotten excellent ratings from both students and peers on my teaching style.

    Just because someone is knowledgeable in a particular area doesn't mean that they will make a good teacher. I'm sure you've run across instructors that were very intelligent, but lacked the skills required to communicate concepts in a meaningful way to their students. I am trained in tailoring instruction specifically to your needs and making difficult math topics easier to grasp.

    I have found that many students are capable of doing much better, but they suffer from a lack of self confidence in math. Self confidence is critical to performing well on math tests. My math tutoring sessions are designed to enhance the student's self confidence in a calm, non-threatening environment. Student progress is rewarded with gently encouragement. Students are never criticized for asking questions or showing a lack of understanding. In fact, questions are encouraged, and mistakes are viewed as a learning opportunity.