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    When searching for a math tutor, you should take into account the tutor's credentials. I have a B.S in Mathematics from Case Institute of Technology, and M.S. in Mathematics from Ohio State University, along with several years of doctoral research. I have also been a Professor of Mathematics at St. Philip's College since 1991 and am currently teaching at Northwest Vista College. 

    I understand how to use a student's strengths in math to explain concepts they are having difficulty with in a gentle, non-threatening atmosphere. My extensive background in mathematics makes it easy for me to tailor my explanation of a concept in a way that is easily understood. My experience in education helps me to understand a student's misconceptions and gently lead them to correcting themselves and developing a deeper understanding of mathematics.

    I can travel to your home to help you study for exams, understand homework assignments, or just make sense out of your teacher's lectures. During the tutoring session I make sure that you are actively involved in the learning process, as this enhances deeper understanding of the subject. By building up your self confidence in math, along with increasing your skill set, I can also teach you to be a self-directed learner.

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